Perth band THE DECLINE have announced the departure of bassplayer / singer Dan Cribb and guitarist Nathan Cooper after being in the band for over 8 years. The band are determined to continue with replacement members.

From the band...

After eight years, international tours and two albums, co-lead vocalist and bassist Daniel Cribb and lead guitarist Nathan Cooper are stepping back from their positions in Perth punk rock outfit The Decline.

"As you may have seen, Dan and Nate are no longer in The Decline. We will be announcing replacements shortly. We have a big year coming up, album #3 will be recorded soon and of course touring! We'll be heading to places we've been as well as places we haven't been to yet!

We want to thank the guys for everything they've done over the last 8 years. We've travelled the world together and we wouldn’t be who we are without them. Make sure you go like Dan Cribb so you can keep up with everything he/The Isolated has coming up (including his new album). Nate also wants to add that there's no hard feelings between any of the band members."

From Dan Cribb...

"The past eight years have been amazing, and Nathan and I would like to thank every person that has helped us out along the way. We’ve made some lifelong friends and seen some absolutely incredible things during our time with The Decline.”


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